Thursday, November 27, 2014

Minecraft Academy Episode 2 - Settings and Achievements

This lesson focuses on getting your game set up and explores achievements as an early guide of what to do.

Oliveen: Episode 2 - The White Tower

In this episode we construct the tower that will serve as a home for the time being and the setting of Minecraft Story Time!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Minecraft Academy Lesson 1 - Why Craft? and World Creation

This being the first in a series about how to play Minecraft addresses the question "why play?" and looking into your options for world creation 

Oliveen: A Mountain Madness Survival LP - Episode 001: Announcements

I'm back and I've got some great ideas for the channel so sit back, relax and enjoy the first episode of my new LP as I announce what's coming up!

ARK Survival S2 Episode 6 - First Nether Expedition Part 2

We finish up our expedition and evaluate the results 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Skyblock Episode 28 - Slime Deck

Today I show off the first completed cell of the slime farm and slime proof the roof-top deck! 

ARK Survival S2 Episode 5 - First Nether Expedition Part 1

We venture into the nether to find potion making resources, but can we survive to bring back what we need? 

Skyblock Episode 27 - Slime Spawner Continued

We build, we chat, we glass, today in skyblock survival! 

ARK Survival S2 Episode 4 - Enchantment? Enchantment!

Today we strive to finish our enchanting set-up! Can we do it? Find out! 

Skyblock Episode 26 - Slime Spawner

Today we work on the spawning area for the slime farm! 

ARK Survival S2 Episode 3 - Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls

Today we take a break from the base and make a waterfall not far from home 

Skyblock Episode 25 Slime Traps

today I show you how to set up the traps for the slime farm 

Skyblock Episode 24 - Viewing Platforms

Today we build viewing platforms for the upcoming fireworks display! 

ARK Survival S2 Episode 2 - Back to Base-ics

In this episode we do some early base building 

Skyblock Episode 23 - Happy Fun Pyro Chat Time!

Today we chat a bit as we prep the non-slime chunks for their fiery fate! 

Skyblock Episode 22 - Finishing the Slime Finder

Today we finish the platform we started last week and prepare to find those slimes! 

ARK Survival S2 Episode 1 - Strange New World

Welcome to Season 2 of ARK Survival! We've revamped the series, we're on a freshly loaded server, and we're ready for some exciting new projects! 

Evelution Episode 10 - My First Data Site

Today we explore a data site; my first one ever! 

Skyblock Episode 21 - How to Find Slime Chunks

I teach you to find slime chunks while we start our slime farm project 

Evelution Episode 9 - A Combat Site and Plans for the Future

Another combat site bites the dust and I talk about my plans for the future... 

Skyblock Episode 20 - Giant Mushrooms and Last Minute Surprises

Today we build platforms for growing giant mushrooms, set up a small mycelium farm, and get an unexpected surprise 

Evelution Episode 8 - Ships, Fights, and Combat Sites

Today we finally see some action! 

Skyblock Episode 19 - Mooshrooms and Random Cats

today we upgrade the cow farm and encounter a few unexpected guests! 

Evelution Episode 7 - Exploration Take 2

In this episode we take another shot at exploration! 

Skyblock Episode 18 - Villager Trading

In this episode we do some villager trading with all the resources we've been farming! 

Skyblock Episode 17 - Automatic Melon and Pumpkin Farm

At long last we tackle automating the melon and pumpkin farms! 

Evelution Episode 6 - Mining Missioning

In this episode we do some more missioning, mining style!