ARK Survival LP

Here we have all the episodes from my Haydzcraft Towny server survival LP which I've opted to call ARK (which is also the name of my faction on the server). Please feel free to watch and comment and look forward to the opportunity to become a part of ARK as we finish getting established on the server.

Episode 1 - Inception of ARK: Join me as I trek out into the wilderness (of Minecraft that is) to find a place to call home
Episode 2 - Glitchy Spider: Mineshaft exploration, glitchy spiders, and a shiny new map all await you in this episode of ARK Survival LP!
Episode 3 - Dig this Plan!: In this episode we dig a hole! a big hole! We also talk about future plans and have some fun on the way.
Episode 4 - Laying the Groundwork: We deal with an unfortunate theft as we continue preliminary base construction