Evelution - EVE Online LP

Evelution is a collection of the videos from my EVE Online LP

Episode 1: Get ready for a new series as we dive into the amazingly complex world of Eve Online
Episode 2: In this episode we review the basics of mining in Eve Online
Episode 3: In this episode we explore the many facets of exploration
Episode 4: Exploration doesn't always work out how you'd like, as you'll soon see
Episode 5: Today we look at missioning and how it's done!
Episode 6: In this episode we do some more missioning, mining style!
Episode 7: In this episode we take another shot at exploration!
Episode 8: Today we finally see some action!
Episode 9: Another combat site bites the dust and I talk about my plans for the future...
Episode 10: Today we explore a data site; my first one ever!