Magic Management 101

This series is intended as a fun instructional series for those who are new to Magic the Gathering and in particular the Magic the Gathering Online interface. Each "class" will be covering new concepts as they come up and teaching viewers the basics of the game.

Class 01 - Orientation: This is the first "class" of what will be a teaching series for players who are new to Magic the Gathering Online. This first episode is just a bit of fun between myself and my co-host Steve Massey as we play a match and define several of the basic elements of the game.
Class 02 - Mana Flooding: In this "class" we experience the pains of "mana flooding" and discuss some options for preventing it.
Class 03 - Creature Removal and Planeswalker Rant: In this class session we take a look at some options for getting difficult creatures off the battlefield and I rant a bit about planeswalkers, enjoy!