Skyblock Survival (Haydzcraft)

Welcome guys to my Skyblock Survival series hosted on the Haydzcraft skyblock server. Below are posted all the episodes to date with more coming out all the time. I hope you enjoy and I'll talk at you later.

Episode 1: As the island is already past the initial stages (just boring grindy stuff, nothing too interesting) this episode is a tour of what's already done and a discussion of plans for the future
Episode 2: In this episode we tackle the remainder of the automatic cactus farm.
Episode 3: In this episode we set up the sheep farm and I tell you about the perks that go with being a donator.
Episode 4: In this episode we tackle the first parts of the gold farm.
Episode 5: This episode covers the completion of the gold farm, despite tragic setbacks.
Episode 6: In this episode we upgrade the gold farm with a redstone system that automatically pulls rotten flesh out of the chests and disposes of it.
Episode 7: At long last we finally get to work on the iron farm!
Episode 8: In this episode we complete the iron farm structure and get some villagers to get it running
Episode 9: With the iron farm complete it's time to create some roads to allow access to the villagers that make it work.
Episode 10: In this episode we move back down to the main part of the island and finish up our road-building project
Episode 11: Harvesting sugarcane by hand is tedious, lets automate it!
Episode 12: At long last we expand and automate the wheat farm!
Episode 13: In this episode we upgrade the collection system of the cactus farm, and discus life
Episode 14: In this episode we take a look at what we've built so far and talk about what's to come
Episode 15: Today we give the mob trap a full auto option
Episode 16: In this episode we look back at some of the projects completed before episode 1
Episode 17: At long last we tackle automating the melon and pumpkin farms!
Episode 18: In this episode we do some villager trading with all the resources we've been farming!
Episode 19: today we upgrade the cow farm and encounter a few unexpected guests!
Episode 20: Today we build platforms for growing giant mushrooms, set up a small mycelium farm, and get an unexpected surprise
Episode 21: I teach you to find slime chunks while we start our slime farm project
Episode 22: Today we finish the platform we started last week and prepare to find those slimes!
Episode 23: Today we chat a bit as we prep the non-slime chunks for their fiery fate!
Episode 24: Today we build viewing platforms for the upcoming fireworks display!
Episode 25: Today I show you how to set up the traps for the slime farm
Episode 26: Today we work on the spawning area for the slime farm!
Episode 27: We build, we chat, we glass, today in skyblock survival!
Episode 28: Today I show off the first completed cell of the slime farm and slime proof the roof-top deck!