Minecraft Academy

This series is a start to finish tutorial of how to play Minecraft and how to make basic versions of the necessary farms in the game.

Lesson 1 - Why Craft? and World Creation: This being the first in a series about how to play Minecraft addresses the question "why play?" and looking into your options for world creation

Lesson 2 - Settings and Achievements: This lesson focuses on getting your game set up and explores achievements as an early guide of what to do.

Lesson 3 - Surviving Your First Night: In this lesson we cover strategies for surviving your first night and things to do on day two

Lesson 4 - FarmingToday we talk about growing wheat, carrots, potatoes, and what animals you can breed and get food from

Lesson 5 - CavingToday we learn about caving; what to look for, how to do it, and how to survive it.

Lesson 6 - Cow BreedingToday I teach you how to expand your farm to include cows!

Lesson 7 - StorageIn this Lesson we learn about adding storage to your base!

Lesson 8 - MiningIn this episode we talk about the basics of branch mining!

Lesson 9 - RabbitsToday we find, lure, and breed some rabbits!