Saturday, July 6, 2013

MC PvP 6: Rich

Hey there guys and gals. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get a new article out to you. I just started a new job and wouldn’t you know it the day I get my first check is the same day my computer starts being uncooperative. As a result of both events I’m going to have to scale back my blogging just a bit to a single article each week, but this also means I’ll have a little more time to work on each one hopefully resulting in better and lengthier content with more to update you about, and boy do I have some updates for you today.

My farm is completely finished with the possible exception of wanting to add a chicken farm, but that’s a little ways out. After camping out a group of four chickens for nearly fifteen minutes I’ve determined that the chicken egg laying has been disabled on the server which means getting the feathered foul up into my base is going to be a little trickier than merely tossing some eggs at the wall. Now the reason I actually do need the chickens is for the feathers so I can make a couple book and quills every now and again to publish my Minecraft themed stories on the server, but I’ve got a stockpile for the moment that should hold me over until I can get the materials to build a temporary staircase and lure some chickens up it into my secure home.

Since the last update I’ve managed to completely finish the cactus farm which will now produce well over a full double chest of cactus over the course of 8 continuous hours of afk farming (essentially while I sleep) which for the moment usually earns me around 50k dollars by selling it in the shop at spawn. I’ve used this wealth to purchase 6 skeleton spawners, 2 zombie spawners, 2 diamond blocks, and a full set of diamond gear which I’m enchanting using the recently set up mob farm and enchanting areas of my base supplemented by the also recently set up potions brewery which has already produced a full double chest worth of potions to help tip the tide in PvP combat. I’ve also used a few of these (namely fire resistance potions) to help in the set-up of a hidden base somewhere deep in the Nether. I’m working on plans for a gold farm, but the limitations of the Nether are making the process a little slow. I did however manage to cover the whole thing with lava though making it virtually TNT proof as the lava-monster raid strategy is completely useless in the Nether. I may ultimately set up a zombie pigmen farm at my main base and use the Nether base as a secure chest storage location.

I’ve also managed to expand my tree farm to six spots instead of just four despite the fact that the spawner room now takes up a large portion of the free space that once existed in my base. Of course I’m also still producing carrots, watermelon, netherwart, and sugarcane for use in potion making and enchanting and I’ve set up a small brown mushroom farm to help make fermented spiders eye. So far my efforts to procure a cave spider spawner have been thwarted repeatedly, but I’ll continue trying regardless. Additionally since it looks like I’ll have to build a staircase to get chickens up into my base I’d might as well try and get some cows up there as well so I don’t need to keep buying leather at the shop and so I can eat some tasty steak instead of carrots.

Well that’s about it guys. I’ve got a new story in the works so hopefully I can get that out to all of you soon and I look forward to getting you guys up to date once more sometime next week. Until then continue to “pown” in your N3rd C0rn3r.