Wednesday, June 19, 2013

MC PvP 1: Getting Started

Hello everyone and welcome to my first ever Minecraft PvP blog series. In this series we’ll go through the PvP experience (and this is all new for me as well so we’ll be learning together) and see what all it has to offer. I’ll be playing on the new MineFrenzy server at This server is being hosted by HaydzSoulutions primarily for Youtubers to record on. However it is open to the public as well and I very much feel like the goals of the server are in line with making a blog series and as such this server is where I’ll be building, fighting, and growing my way to the top (hopefully).

Day 1
First thing was first of course and I decided that I’d be playing without any donator advantages, though should you decide to play on the same server definitely consider donating to support the server (you get cool stuff for it too so it’s worth it). This decision means of course I’ll have to work twice as hard to get the resources I’ll need to survive and conquer, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

As I only started with a little cash and some basic tools and weapons (a stone sword, axe, pick, and shovel) I opted to vote for the server to get some extra coin. On the MineFrenzy website under voting are six different links that lead to places you can vote. For whatever reason the second to last in the list would not let me vote due to some sort of captcha issue, but we still got plenty of money for voting on the others and thus it was time to head out.

As I’ve never really PvP’d before and didn’t have the money to start hack and slashing right away, I snuck out the back entrance and went way, way, way out to set up a base, hoping secrecy would keep it safe until I had the resources to establish better defenses.

Sneaking Out of Spawn
Once there, which took a good deal of time, believe me. I set my home and teleported back to spawn to pick up some necessary resources which I then took back to my new base location to start building. One very important step in this process was making sure to claim the land. You can only do this if you’re in a faction so you’ll need to either join one or create your own. I, for security reasons opted to create my own, KING. I then claimed the land I wanted and began to build. The reason this step is so important is because if you don’t do this people who are not a part of your faction will be able to place and destroy blocks and access your chests without any problem making it easy to steal your stuff. Distance is a good way to keep your stuff safe, but claiming your land is even better.

At that point it was getting pretty late and I had to call it a night, but as you can imagine I’ve got some grand plans for the future of my new N3rd C0rn3r.