Thursday, June 20, 2013

MC PvP 2: Relocating

Well it’s day two for yours truly on the MineFrenzy PvP server and unfortunately it got off to a bit of a rough start. After setting up my initial base and pouring time and resources into it I discovered a very unfortunate problem that means it’s going to be impossible to keep a base where I’d intended; crops will not grow there. As you may have guessed this means that I was attempting to set up a base in the Nether which seemed like a good idea until I ran into that particular problem. Now I’m not sure if I was just doing something very wrong or if Nether growth has been disabled to force farm building to be in the overworld, but after several hours of afk farming using multiple crops yielding no results I figured something was up. I went ahead and tested the same basic setup on a singleplayer world and what hadn’t happened in hours on the server took a few minutes there and thus I decided I’d have to tear down the base, unclaim the land and start fresh somewhere in the overworld. So the next several hours involved me burning through picks reclaiming most of the materials used to build the base and then heading back to spawn. 

To minimize any potential losses I dumped what I wouldn’t need for the journey to a new base location into my enderchest keeping with me only the necessities and the least valuable items that wouldn’t fit in the chest. I then made my mad dash out the back of spawn (again) and proceeded to walk, and walk, and walk gathering valuable resources as I went. When at last I arrived I began the long process of setting up my base once again, hoping once more that the secrecy of the location would help prevent any incursions for the time being (not that I’ve got anything valuable there at the moment). 

Since I didn’t have nearly enough resources to complete the base I set up a couple temporary farms on the roof (which is all I’ve got finished for now) to help bring in some more money to complete the project. This time the plants grew and by the end of the night I had myself a tidy sum to use the following day for further base building. Hopefully I can have the basic structure finished in just a few more days. Because of the expense of the materials I’m purchasing I did try to make a cobblestone generator, however it seems that this has been disabled which will be interesting for anyone attempting a lava monster based raid as the lava just pushes the water out of the way rather than making cobblestone from it. I’ll have to try and find some way to overcome this issue when I start raiding. At any rate, I’ve decided to go with a large cactus farm as 8 are sold for $100 and they’re really easy to make automatic meaning I can afk for hours without having to do a thing in my N3rd C0rn3r.