Saturday, June 22, 2013

MC PvP 3: Finally Farming

Hello everyone and welcome back to my Minecraft PvP series. So when I last posted I had just begun construction on a new base after encountering some difficulties with the last one (namely that I was unable to grow anything) This thankfully proved not to be the case for the new base and I was able to set up some temporary farms to help me get some money to finish the construction. Well luckily they did just that and I was able to get enough cobblestone to start the lower level including a waterfall catch. Now as most of you are probably aware, one of the best ways to protect your base is to completely cover it in water to prevent the effects of TNT explosions. However if your base has yet to be sealed (like mine at the moment) this water coverage provides a means for people to get to your base assuming of course that it’s not on the ground. Since I’m still working on it, I didn’t want any unwelcome visitors just yet. I also managed to set up the basic structure for my cash crop the cactus. This is a pretty simple setup for now that is simply a row of sand 8 blocks long with 4 cactus set on it every other block and water set on either side to bring the broken off bits of cactus to me in order to expand the farm or sell for other materials. Because the server automatically removes entities every now and again I will eventually replace the water streams with hoppers, though that’s a bit down the line as iron is a bit expensive. Still it’s a necessary project and once I’ve got that going I can start making the things I need to do some epic PvPing.
The Cactus Farm (so far)

Since the cactus farm doesn’t actually take up the whole area I’ll also set up some other basic farms to provide food and brewing ingredients so I don’t have to buy them every time I’d like to make something. I’ll definitely include melon and netherwart. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you think there’s anything else I might need.

Now you may have wondered why I’m not using obsidian for this base and that’s an excellent point, it’d be far safer if I was. Well there are two great answers for that. First, obsidian is very expensive and the base is rather large so doing the whole thing up in obsidian to start with is just a crazy idea, it’d take way too long and issue 25 might see me finish my base, which I imagine would be pretty boring for you guys. Once I’ve got the farm going full tilt I’ll upgrade it, but for now cobble is fine. Second of course is that I have very little of value there are the moment. There’s some sand, some cobble, some cactus, and lots of water, things easily found anywhere on the map. Raiding the base would be a waste for anyone and so the best protection isn’t absolutely necessary just yet (though I’m sure it’ll get there eventually). Hopefully the next post will see the completion of my new base and the first stage of my cactus farm done here at the N3rd C0rn3r.