Monday, June 24, 2013

MC PvP 4: Nearly Complete

Well hello again everyone and welcome to the latest article in my Minecraft PvP series. As you likely remember from the last article I was well under way trying to get my new base completed. I did manage to set up the early farm infrastructure and I’d been using the money earned from that to purchase more cobblestone to finish my base out with. Today I’m happy to say that this portion of the base building is complete and I’m now completely incased in cobblestone covered entirely with water. Obviously it won’t keep out the most determined, but it will make getting in a very costly process with little reward.

Eventually cactus will line the lower section as well
This is of course only the first step to base completion. To help offset certain costs I’ve taken the four rows at the ends of each farm and used them for sugarcane, carrots, melon, and netherwart so I needn’t buy these things each time I need to make some potions. I’ve also planted 4 oak saplings inside the base with only enough room for them to grow one of the smaller versions of each tree and in such a way that they won’t interfere with the farm set-up. This is due more to a fluke than to good planning, but I’ll gladly take it. Now I need to buy considerably less for each project I do as wood and brewing materials are plentiful. If you’re wondering why I went with oak as opposed to birch which would naturally grow the shorter trees it’s simply because I wanted a readily available source of apples as well.

Next up on the “to do” list is the automation of the cactus farm using hoppers. So far I’ve got 2 rows completely automated, but there’s still a good deal of work to be done. The idea is that the water streams on the above level (which I’ve decided to leave to save a bit of money) will push the broken off bits of cactus down into the line of hoppers on the lower floor. This will attach to hoppers surrounding the sand blocks supporting the cacti on the lower level allowing a fully contained system that doesn’t require exposing the hoppers to the outside. Once the two main hopper lines are complete I’ll be able to afk farm much more efficiently and progress toward completion should speed up quite a bit.

Once complete I’ll have the money to get the resources to start raiding some nearby bases, though it seems as though there’s little construction happening anywhere near me.

Finally, if you read all the articles on my site, I’d first like to say thank you and you’ve probably noticed that I’ve started an Original Minecraft story series. These tend to be a bit longer so I’ll be writing a new one only once a week (typically on Sundays) and then I’ll make two in game copies which I’ll be giving away for free at spawn on Sunday evening. If you’d like to try and get a copy of one of the books, then I’ll see you at spawn once I’ve finished in my N3rd C0rn3r.