Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Foods that can Help Injuries Heal Faster

It’s just a fact that people will accidently become injured at one point or another. While this is unavoidable, it’s possible to speed the healing process by eating the right health foods with the proper nutrients to give the body what it needs to recover as quickly as possible.

Poor kid takes a nun-chuck to the throat
Now for those of you asking yourselves, “what does this have to do with nerds?” let me tell you. Though most of a nerd’s activities tend toward a sitting position, there are those things that threaten their physical well-being.  Paint-balling leaves some truly nasty welts, too many hours on the computer can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome (as can any repetitive action, like game controller use), Wii Fit will ask you to do things that make you ache in places you never thought possible, and there’s always the risk of injury when larping or making fan videos (lightsaber fights are less fun when you forget the above the head blocks… and the aspirin). So believe me when I say, nerds need help with their injuries too.

While many of the healing properties of honey have yet to be proven in laboratory studies, it has been proven to have some beneficial properties for treating injuries. Its primary use is as an antiseptic applied directly to the wound. The slightly acidic nature of honey cleans the wound and promotes healing while also providing a soothing feeling to help take the edge off. Though walking around with sticky fingers is generally frowned upon, this home remedy is an excellent first line of defense for injury treatment.

A natural mineral found in a number of common health foods, zinc is an essential part of the healing process and as such is a must for any healthy diet. Nuts, dairy products (especially crumbly cheeses), seeds, and meats (especially liver) are excellent sources of zinc that can be found at almost any grocery or health foods store. The body uses zinc to boost the immune system thus preventing infections of the wound and to promote the use of consumed fats and proteins for rapid tissue growth, causing wounds to heal faster.

A painful even to look at paintball welt
Found in health foods like fish, flax seeds, and walnuts Omega-3s play a vital role in the injury healing process. These fatty acids actually act as an anti-inflammatory reducing the swelling that can occur as the result of a wound and thus reducing the pain that goes   with such injuries. Omega-3s will also help to battle bad fats keeping your cardiovascular system running at peak efficiency. This becomes very important for the rapid healing of injuries as a clear cardiovascular system will allow for the faster delivery of the vital materials needed to promote healing.

Vitamin C
A vital mineral that’s absolutely necessary for the promotion of faster healing is vitamin c. Because the body is unable to produce this important mineral on its own, it’s necessary to consume foods that contain it, such as berries, broccoli, citrus, kiwis, and peppers on a daily basis. Vitamin c is a key part of building new proteins for use in new skin and scar tissue, as well as ligaments, tendons, and blood vessels. Supplying the body with a sufficient amount of this important mineral is one of the best steps you can take to promote rapid healing.

While it’s important to have minerals like zinc and vitamin c to promote the use of protein for new tissue growth, it’s also very important to have the actual protein as well, as it serves as the basic building blocks used to heal most injuries. Many health foods contain good proteins like chicken, lean red meats, fish, eggs, and dairy many of which are also good choices for supplying other necessary healing minerals. It’s important to remember when you’re consuming protein for healing injuries to avoid the fatty proteins as they’re not as useful and may, when combined with inactivity due to injury lead to unwanted weight gain.

It’s clear that health foods are a great option for promoting faster healing for injuries and warding off illnesses and come in a variety of options sure to please even the pickiest pallet. To ensure a healthier, happier life make certain to include some of these health foods into your daily diet, maybe in a snack bowl back in your N3rd C0rn3r.