Monday, May 27, 2013

Minecraft is Taming

Specifically we’ll be talking today about neutral mobs that can be tamed. Why on earth would you want to tame a neutral mob you may ask? There are actually several good reasons which are different for each of the creatures.

Tamable Creatures
Ocelot/Cat – The Ocelot is indigenous to jungle regions and is incredibly shy, running from any approaching player. However if you spot one, you can slowly sneak toward it without startling it and eventually if you remain still it will come to you. Once it’s in range just feed it a fish and you will have yourself a wonderful new cat companion. The cat will follow you around until you tell it to sit at which point it will remain seated in that spot. Cats can be bred by feeding two of them fish in a close proximity to one another. Aside from just loving cats, the reason to have a few cats around the house is that they serve as a creeper deterrent. For some reason creepers are just absolutely terrified of these friendly felines and will flee from them even when a player is nearby. Surrounding your home with an army of these creatures will effectively stop the threat of outside creeper attacks, but other mobs will be unaffected.
Wolf/Dog – For those who prefer the company of a canine the wolf is also a tamable neutral mob. The wolf can be found in forest and taiga biomes and will not attack the player unless provoked. Typically these creatures will appear in packs and so if one is attacked, the others will follow suit. Once tamed these mobs will never attack the player, even if accidently injured by the player. To tame a wolf, you need to feed it a bone. Once tamed, their heath can be restored by feeding them any type of meat. Feeding a tamed wolf meat will also trigger breeding with any other nearby wolf who has also been fed meat recently. Because these mobs have no negative effects from the consumption of rotten flesh, it’s best to use this to restore their health and breed them, as it has very few other uses. A tamed wolf will follow the player unless commanded to sit and will attack any mob the player attacks making them great for hunting mobs.
Zombie Villagers – While not neutral mobs, zombie villagers can be “tamed” or at least made less zombie like by hitting them with a splash potion of weakness and feeding them a golden apple. If the process works you’ll hear a hissing sound and the zombie will begin to shake eventually turning into a villager. While the villager is not technically controllable, I’d still call them tame in comparison to their previous zombie state. The benefit of course is that you can set up a village this way if you happened to generate your world without premade structures (like I did).


Taming neutral mobs (and zombie villagers) is both fun and beneficial. If you’re looking for some mob hunting companions, creeper deterrents, or a way to make a village in a no generated structures world, be sure to include taming in your N3rd C0rn3r.