Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Minecraft is Crafting

One of the most integral features of Minecraft is crafting. No matter what part of Minecraft you find most intriguing, you’ll have to do some crafting in order to do it. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’ll really make the game for you.

Crafting can be done in one of two areas. The first area available to you right away is the inventory crafting window which is a 2x2 square made of empty item slots. This is for basic crafting and will allow you to make simple two or sometimes even three ingredient items like torches. The first thing you’ll likely make with this window however will be wood planks. This is done by simply placing wood in the window and then clicking the output item to the right. After this you’ll use four wood planks to create a workbench. Once created place this block down and right click on it to access the workbench crafting menu which is a 3x3 square and allows the creation of much more complex items.

Naturally there are many, many possible item combinations in Minecraft and discovering them is part of the fun. Typically an items recipe will resemble the item being created (like a “T” shape for a pick axe). This makes a number of the recipes easier to figure out. Others can be a bit more complicated though, so it helps to have a guide like the one found here. The guide found there will tell you how to use the crafting bench to make most things.

Crafting without the Recipe
Sometimes certain crafted items don’t use the workbench system and must be obtained through some other means. When you find your iron and gold for instance, it will come in the form of Ore and must be smelted into ingots in a furnace before it can be used in crafting. Another example is the golems recently added to the game which are crafted by placing certain blocks in the right shape and adding a pumpkin to the top for the head. These types of crafting are somewhat rare, but they do exist in the game.

Crafting is going to play a vital role in pretty much every project you set out to complete in Minecraft. Crafting is how you make your tools, your weapons, all your redstone devices, and the myriad of other things that make the Minecraft world go round (which of course is a figure of speech as the Minecraft world is flat). To really truly do much of anything in Minecraft, you’ll have to do some crafting, but for most that’s not a big deal because crafting is rather fun.


Though the system may seem a little complicated, there are plenty of aids out there to help you and it’s easy enough to catch on to it. If you’re a player of Minecraft, I don’t know how you could even manage to survive without crafting in you N3rd C0rn3r.