Sunday, May 12, 2013

Take Care of Your Mom

As I’m sure most of you know, it’s mother’s day here in the good old USA and that means today especially is the day to take care of your mom. No doubt you’ve been inundated with ads and promotions about getting flowers or candies, but what your mom really needs is to know that those in her life really care for and cherish her. So make sure you make an extra effort to make that happen today.

Defense of Topic
For those who’ve been reading a while, you know that I’ll throw in this section anytime I’m talking about something that doesn’t seem to relate to the focus of the blog. In this case I’m talking about moms because it’s Mother’s day. Love them or hate them, you have a mom who has put time into making you who you are. I sincerely hope that the influence has largely been positive, but ultimately you’re reading this blog because you’re interested in the topics presented here, a fact that may not have been true without the influence of your mother in your life. As such, Mother’s day and the appreciation of moms in general are sufficiently connected to nerd culture to make it a valid topic for this blog.

Moms will be Moms
Most of us are aware of the vital importance of the mother on our society. Poems, ballads, and even movies (Mars Needs Moms) attempt to express just how important these impressive women (and some Mr. Moms) are in our society. Without them a lot of things would just fall apart and we’d be much worse for their loss. Personally speaking (and maybe as a guy I just can’t grasp this) I have difficulty understanding why women are so compelled to become moms. From the outside looking in it strikes me as exhausting, tiresome, frustrating, and never ending work. Moms often work, cook, clean, and worry their way through the day while their charges remain pleasantly oblivious, which in itself is a testament to how much they do. Moms will sacrifice all their time and energy, placing the needs of their children above their own.

Somehow moms will even find a way to be interested in all the things their children do, which for a nerd is a big deal. My poor mother has endured my excited jabber about various video games and movies, card games and even comic books with at least casual interest for over 20 years of full on, unadulterated, hard-core nerdiness and is still going strong as I constantly share the progress I make on this blog and all the other nerdy things I do. If I had to guess, I’d wager that the same is true for your mom as well.

If you still have the advantage of your mom, make sure you let her know today just how much you care about her and what she does for you, because she cares about you, and needs to get some love from her kid in the N3rd C0rn3r.