Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Best Type of Car

You might think that the best kind of car is some sort of fancy sports car. Well I hate to break it to you, but that’s just not the case. It’s also not a truck, SUV, Van, motorcycle or a sedan. It’s not a hatchback or a hybrid… The best type of car is a station wagon. I recognize that this is a radical opinion, but I shall explain why it is the case.

A 74 Pontiac Catalina
You have to admit that the station wagon has an unparalleled level of style over other types of cars. While some vehicles focus on being angular and sharp looking, the station wagon is content to simply allow its lines to flow. Even the boxier models tend to be sleeker in appearance than other types of cars. Many station wagons will employ stylistic options that other cars wouldn’t dare try (like fins and wood panels) and let’s not forget the wheel well covers for the rear wheels that give a station wagon an air of class unparalleled by most others.

It’s undeniable that a station wagon has what it takes to do most anything you want it to do. A station wagon can go as fast as you need it to, it can haul cargo either in the back or through the use of an attached trailer. Station wagons are just as good with passengers as a van or SUV, but lower to the ground to prevent roll-overs and give easier access to roof mounted cargo and let us not forget that a station wagon is typically wider than other vehicles which allows for a higher level of passenger comfort and a greater ability to transport large objects without adding accessories. A station wagon can be essentially whatever you’d like it to be, and do whatever you want it to do; it’s like a jack of all trades among cars.

When it comes to security, few cars can match the station wagon. While it certainly makes a difference what kind of alarm system you have installed ultimately the likelihood of your car being stolen in the first place is going to play the largest role in determining how safe your car is. When a carjacker decides what kind of car to steal, they’re typically looking for a car that is extremely valuable and thus something that’s going to be worth the effort and the risk to try and steal. More often than not this is going to be a sports car, truck, or SUV rather than a station wagon. Add to this that these types of cars are sometimes associated with services that make them less desirable targets for theft (like the Hearse) and that station wagons low levels of popularity makes them hard to make money off quickly and you have yourself a nearly theft proof vehicle.

While it’s true some vehicles may do a single task better than the station wagon can, no other vehicle offers the versatility available with the station wagon. It is because of this fact that I must insist that the station wagon is the best type of car and the type I intend to use whenever I have to move my N3rd C0rn3r.