Friday, May 31, 2013

To be a N3rd

The life of a nerd is often anything but easy. Many in society will criticize us for who we are and what we love. We’re told that our dreams are foolish, our pursuits unachievable, and out life is being wasted on that which doesn’t exist and therefore doesn’t matter. A steady job can be difficult to be satisfied with because it all seems so mundane compared with the invented worlds we know so much about, and people will constantly try and convince you that the games you play and the things you read are dangerous, addictive, and childish. I call these people hypocrites.

A look at the “normal” people
Let’s take a look at those that nay say the nerds, the self-proclaimed “normal” people. Often lost and lonely as are we all they’ll spend their time at parties (which they’d define as dancing, loud music, and more often than not alcohol), at sports bars sharing the exploits of their favorite football team, or in the garage chatting about cars. While these things are all well and good for them and no doubt solid concrete things to talk about is it not just the same to memorize facts about science fiction and facts about sports? I mean really, at least science fiction is actually interesting and challenges you to think beyond your normal routine. Sports knowledge is just facts, like memorizing history. Don’t get me wrong, understanding history is important, but sports history is significantly less so. The one thing that the average person has on a nerd is physical fitness. Though I hate to admit it, a nerd’s pursuits are often conducted sitting in a chair and unfortunately this outward appearance is what condemns us as ill-adjusted. Even so, video games are often said to be bad for you. Tell me, when’s the last time a book challenged you to solve a problem or made you question your moral choices? Never is when. A book simply carries you through a story, telling you of someone else’s exploits, perhaps inspiring you, but never challenging you. A video game forces you to participate in the story; it makes you solve the unsolvable problems, deal with the issues, and strive to make the right choices in the face of the most daunting circumstances. Those who criticize the nerds of this world are far guiltier of the very things they proclaim to detest than are those they accuse. We nerds are the dreamers of our society, daring to imagine what is beyond tomorrow. We are the architects of the future, sculpting how society will organize itself and deal with the problems of tomorrow. We are the trend setters, for what we find to be cool now is what the normal people will believe to be cool later in life as they look back and long for what was. We drive humanity forward despite the cost.

The cost
The cost of course is a personal sacrifice of time, energy, and popularity. We’re thought to be lower than most, yet we know we’re the only hope for the future. It’s not a glamorous path, but it’s the one we’ve chosen, not just for us, but for everyone.


The nerd is what makes the world better and drives humanity toward future progress despite the personal cost. So my brothers and sisters take heart and press on; keep the course toward the future and never let those too afraid of others opinions to voice their own drag you down. Continue to stand proud in your N3rd C0rn3r.