Friday, May 24, 2013

Yo Quiero Taco Bell

For many a nerd and this one in particular nothing says delicious like a couple soft tacos with lava sauce from Taco Bell, but what is it about this restaurant that makes it so compelling? We’ll take a look at three possibilities as we explore the delicious joy that is Taco Bell.

Low Prices
With the struggling economy, it’s no wonder that many would flock to a restaurant that offers tasty foods are reasonable prices. With two dollars you can get yourself a couple soft tacos and a glass of water and have change left over to donate in that colorful weighted fountain thing found at many of their locations. Value meals can be purchased there for under $5 (though some are more) and while combining specific items can cost a bit more, it’s often well worth it and with a little creativity it can be made less expensive.

Semi-Ethnic Experience
It doesn’t really come as a shock to anyone that Taco Bell isn’t serving authentic Mexican cuisine and frankly the majority of us like it that way. Taco Bell is essentially American style done up with Mexican seasonings and placed inside flour tortillas instead of buns creating a whole new style of food with its own unique twist. If you’re a big fan of the filling materials typically used in a burger, but not so terribly fond of the buns, Taco Bell is a compelling option as it does away with the majority of the breads and replaces them with thin tortillas which while still a bread of a kind isn’t going to overpower the other flavors, but rather serves as a medium to get the delicious contents from the plate to your mouth. Taco Bell is nestled neatly in between American and Mexican making it a great choice for those that like both and even some of those that like neither.

Pepsi Products
It’s so difficult these days to find restaurants that serve Pepsi products such as Mountain Dew and even rarer to find one with its own flavor of Mountain Dew (Baja Blast). Typically you’ll go out to eat and be stuck with Coke products which will offer Mellow Yellow at best, though more often you’ll end up stuck with Sprite. Don’t get me wrong, Sprite is ok, but it just doesn’t cut it when you’re hankering for the tangy citrus burn that is Mountain Dew.

Bridges Social Classes
See, Taco Bell can be dressed up
People from every social class like Taco Bell. While that’s not to say everyone likes it, it is to say that all kinds of people enjoy their food. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or if you’re poor you can be a Taco Bell fan. You can even dress up your Taco Bell for some fine dining if you prefer.

While it’s true that not everyone is a big fan of Taco Bell, so many that call themselves nerds are that I’d be remiss to not talk about it here. I’m a big fan myself which is why you’ll occasionally find Taco Bell in my N3rd C0rn3r.